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Are you an agent looking for an open house to host?  Or are you an agent looking for someone to host your open house?

Look no further, we have you covered!

What Problems Are We Solving?

The Problems we solve with this site are:

  1. There is no efficient site or method for agents to offer up homes to be held open.
  2. Existing platforms are either limited to a particular real estate company or an afterthought to a pricey software suite.
  3. There is no single site or method for agents to find listings to hold open.  Currently, agents either have to cold call listing agents or scour the MLS hoping to find someone offering one.
  4. Listing agents have no way to know how good the person offering to host their open house is.
  5. Agents need a centralized place to find all of the best products for their open houses.

How It Works

Our 100% FREE system allows listing agents to post properties they would like to have held open and allows other agents to search for and offer to host them, regardless of what company they work for.

The Listing Agent is in full control over who gets to host the open house and can approve or deny requests.  The listing agent can also see reviews of the agent's past open houses, so they can pick the best agent for the job!

Ready to get started?

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Why did we create this site?

The team behind this company is lead by an experienced top producing California Real Estate Broker with decades of real estate experience.  When we've had listing that we would like held open, we ran into the same problems everyone else had.  Either we couldn't find anyone to hold them open, we didn't have any way to effectively advertise the ability to hold them open, mentioning the ability in the Agent Remarks section of the MLS was "hit or miss."  We would even reach out to a mega agent in another area, who was well known for having listings for agents to hold open, and ask if he could find someone for us... which often didn't work because of the agents calling him wouldn't work parts of our area due to the distance from their areas!


We also had no idea the quality of the agent we were getting.  Some agents were amazing and became "part of the team" while others you had to hunt down for feedback.


One day while networking with other agents across the country, one asked if there was a site that could solve these problems.  There was none and that got us thinking... and here we are today!

Is it really FREE to use?

YES!  This site really is 100% FREE to use!

Why?  Because there are more than enough services and companies out there already trying to dip their hands into your pockets and we want every real estate agent to be able to use this system to increase their business.  Whether you're an agent who needs a friendly hand to help host your open houses or you're a new agent looking to get your name out there and pickup your first clients, we want you to be able to use our site and thrive!

But how do you keep the lights on?  We keep the lights on through strategic partnerships as well as our online store.

Our Clients and Supporters

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