Agents 4 Opens ushers in a new era of cooperation among Realtors

Published on 04/21/2019
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Agents 4 Opens ushers in a new era of cooperation among Realtors 1

April 21, 2019

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Agents 4 Opens, the brain child of real estate Broker Ryan Huggins, launches today ushering in a new era of cooperation for Realtors nationwide.  In the past, if a real estate agent wanted to host an open house but didn't have any listings, they would need to contact random listing agents in the hope of finding one who was interested in letting them host their listing open.  Not any more!  Now with Agents 4 Opens listing agents can post their available properties here and agents who are interested in holding them open can apply to host the property.  The listing agent can review each applicant and choose the one they feel can best represent their property.


There are two things that make Agents 4 Opens unique.  The first is that this site is not restricted to one particular company or customers of a particular software product.  It is open to all licensed agents, regardless of what company they work for.  The second is that after an open house is held the listing agent rates their satisfaction with and reviews the agent who held it open.  That rating attaches to the agent and is visible to all listing agents when they review that applicant.  This helps to take the guess work out of "is this a good agent to hold my listing open?"


Why would a listing agent need this?  Some examples of where a listing agent can benefit are; they have multiple listings that want an open house at the same time or they have prior commitments and can't host the property open.

What is the benefit to an agent to hold someone else's listing open?  There are several benefits.  For new agents, one of the most common pieces of advice given for "getting out there" and getting started is to host open houses.  That way they get to meet potential clients and get some name recognition and exposure.  This can also benefit seasoned agents who are relocating or expanding into to a new area.  Additionally, for buyer's agents this is one of the best ways to meet potential buyers.  Even if they aren't interested in that particular home, you may be able to pick them up and sell them another home.


Currently Agents 4 Opens is in it's initial rollout phase and will be starting in the Ventura and Los Angeles Counties of California, with plans to expand nationwide.  If you're interested in helping roll Agents 4 Opens out in your area sooner rather later, please contact us at

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