How To Find Open Houses

Have you ever wondered as a buyer or as a Realtor, how do you find open houses? For buyers you're looking for a house to buy, for Realtors you're looking for an open house to hold open. Continue reading to find out the answers. Table of Contents What is an Open House?How to Find Open […]

How to Conduct a Successful Open House

Open houses can be a dependable source for generating new buyer and seller leads, plus you may even find a buyer for the house you're holding open! Some real estate agents don't like to hold open houses, that's great! That is where a site like Agents4Opens comes in handy, allowing agents who want to hold […]

Announcing The Launch of Agents 4 Opens

Hello my fellow real estate agents and Brokers. Have you ever wanted someone to host an open house for you, but didn't know where to turn to find a trustworthy agent? Agents, have you ever wanted to host an open house but didn't know where to turn to find agents who would be receptive to […]

What Steps Should I Take When Holding Another Agent's Listing Open?

You've found someone to let you hold their listing open for them, that's great! But what happens next? At Agents4Opens.com, we break it down into what you should do before, during, and after. How to prepare for an open house Preparing for hosting someone else's home open is different than when you host your own […]

Who Gets the Leads When You Host Another agent's Open House?

It is generally accepted that the agent who HOSTS the open house is entitled to the leads and buyers that attend the open house. Since the agent that sits the open house for you is not directly compensated (in other words, is not paid a salary or a fee) any leads, whether they are for […]

Open Houses Can Still Pay Off, New Study Shows

The article below was originally published at https://magazine.realtor/daily-news/2019/04/24/open-houses-can-still-pay-off-new-study-shows   Agents 4 Opens chose to highlight it here as it gives interesting statistics about open houses and their effectiveness for selling homes.  While real estate is an extremely locally focused business and national trends may be different than your local trend, the national average of a higher […]

Agents 4 Opens ushers in a new era of cooperation among Realtors

April 21, 2019 For immediate distribution   Agents 4 Opens, the brain child of real estate Broker Ryan Huggins, launches today ushering in a new era of cooperation for Realtors nationwide.  In the past, if a real estate agent wanted to host an open house but didn't have any listings, they would need to contact […]

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