Snapbooties Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser (Silver)





  • No power needed. The Snapbooties system works on a mechanical spring. When you step inside the center of the box, it automatically releases a bootie around your shoe.
  • No bending down! A safe way for visitors to cover their shoes without struggle.
  • Dispensers come in elegant, yet subtle colors: Brushed silver or gold, to blend in with any décor.
  • Comes with 30 booties (Some pre-loaded). Refills can be easily added (Up to 40)

Tired of visitors and guests stomping dirt in your house with their shoes? Do you work in a clinic or operating room where shoe protection is a legality? Snapbooties is a ridiculously simple solution to ensuring shoes are covered in the home, office, or lab. Just step, snap and GO. * This product must be used in conjunction wtih the Snapbooties refill product. * Units are preloaded with 10 shoe covers to show you how they are loaded. Please note they may have become loosened over time and needs to be removed before first use.