LANDMARK Vinyl PVC Real Estate Sign Post (4" x 4"x 6' Tall) with GORILLA Stake


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Why Choose the Landmark Vinyl Real Estate Sign Post vs others?

  1. The LANDMARK sign posts have been designed based on years of feedback from sign install companies that have asked for a more durable sign that lists longer than just single digit uses.
  2. The Gorilla Stake is made from heavy duty solid steel which is significantly stronger and more durable.  This results in a much longer lifespan.  Feedback from other stakes is that they start to fall apart after 10+ uses and even less in hard digging.  Over 4 years span we have not heard of one of our stakes that are not still in use.
  3. The Sign Clip design is much easier to install and does not break.  The u-shaped clips will keep your sign in place even in adverse weather conditions.
  4. The rider clips are simple yet effective and made to keep the rider on the sign as well as make it simple to install. 
  5. We are a vinyl fence company with our roots based in the Arizona desert.  All vinyl is not equal and there are a lot of overseas versions of this product appearing as well.  The vinyl we use is the highest quality that can endure extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum.  Due to our size as a fence company we can offer high quality vinyl products at prices that compete against even the overseas versions that are flooding the market.

4"x4"x72" LANDMARK Vinyl Real Estate sign post. No digging necessary. Drive removable post stake in the ground with a hammer. Sleeve the vinyl post over top of the stake. Install Horizontal arm and attach Real estate sign with retainer clips. The arm is 2"x3.5"x36". 4" Gothic included.
  • Heavy-Duty GORILLA Removable vinyl post stake. 3/4" steel x 30" L 3/16" thick plates
  • Removable Stake is virtually indestructible.
  • Strong retainer clips used so your sign will not fall off.
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Includes Rider Clips
Made of the higher quality vinyl materials that have been tested and used for over 20 years in the harshest environments from the deserts of Arizona to the winters of Alaska.  These are not made from cheap or foreign vinyl products.  Made in the USA and proven to last.